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Offering bespoke coaching sessions and courses tailored to individual needs. 

I listen to my client, and the presenting issue. I lead them into their inner peace and quiet,  to ask intuitive, pertinent questions which reveal the much needed answers to the presenting issues.. I help my clients understand what is happening within them. I help them to release it and maintain balance and well being moving forward.

I use my intuition to find the root cause of the issue once found I use several methods to relieve and release  the issue.  This may include Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork Time Line Therapy Energy work and Reiki. These techniques resolve Mental Emotional Physical and Spiritual issues to bring about balance and well being.

The sessions include proven and tested techniques and therapies.  

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About Me

After a series of spiritual experiences in my late 20s I became interested in people, why we suffer and how we can heal. I worked in the NHS for 10 years primary care as part of the Nursing team. I became interested in Mental Health and studied Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork & Reiki,

My coaching & courses today comprise those elements with additional CBT and Quantum Theory the latest cutting edge science. 

All of my work nurtures change, moving towards wholeness and well-being.

After my father was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma I devised a course to educate and support him through his journey, fortunately he made a full recovery. He did not have to have the chemotherapy initially prescribed. 

​I now share my  cancer well-being course with anyone who wishes to try it​

I also support couples struggling with conception and fertility issues. before, during or after IVF with incredible results!

My courses are devised to support the patients alongside mainstream medicine.

I have found that the more we let go, and the deeper we go, the quicker we recover.

I am a qualified Mindfulness MBSR MBCT Coach, Breathwork Coach, and Meditation Coach. I am a Traditional Reiki Master Teacher Trainer and an OCR Accredited Life Coach.

I am a member of the Self Realisation Fellowship.

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Poolside Meditation


I use Mindfulness Meditation and Breathwork to help clients gain a clearer perspective of what is happening in their life. Slow down the mind chatter, find peace and resolve.

Learn a basic understanding of Mindfulness and a practical competence for applying mindfulness to your daily life. Understand yourself at a deeper level, know when you are are on autopilot and how to get off it. Live life in the powerful present moment free from stress anxiety fear and depression.

Oxford Statistics show that mindfulness relieves stress by 40% and anxiety and depression by over 52%.  

This service is available on Zoom


Working alongside mainstream medicine, to support and improve mental, emotional physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

1  Share, talk and be heard.

2  Listen and learn, understand and be empowered. 

3  Take away recognised techniques to promote and maintain your wellbeing to help you live your best life.

4  Experience the much needed peace, and transformation that energy work can bring.

This service is available Remotely.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is now recognised world wide, it is known to replenish and clear your energy system in a way that promotes balance and well-being.


Promoting relaxation, clarity of mind and calm, Reiki helps to relieve pain, balance emotions & accelerate natural healing by increasing the vibrational frequency of the body.

Reiki is used to compliment a journey of recovery alongside mainstream medicine to improve mental emotional and physical well-being.

My clients often say they feel light and centered on leaving.


Create a fantastic new year 2023 in this new and exciting Masterclass.  

*Learn how you work

*Clear blockages

*Raise your vibration

*Set your intention

*Align with your higher self

*Live life deliberately

 *Experience the desire of your heart.

This Masterclass runs throughout the year please check and book below.

Available soon to purchase online.

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Always open

The Mind and Body Clinic 16 Bond Street Hinckley LE10 1QU 

Sessions available remotely


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