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We are here to provide professional, qualified, accredited services,  to help you identify and release the root cause of your issues.  Our aim is to nurture your personal growth and allow healing.

We are here to help you uncover the source of your difficulties, and transform your life!



After a series of spiritual experiences in my late 20s that changed my life completely, I became interested in people, why we suffer, and how we can heal.

I am an author of my own spiritual autobiography, A Quantum Leap in A Lifetime


I worked within the NHS for 10 years, in primary care as part of the Nursing team. I became interested in Mental Health and have since  studied Hypnosis, EMDR Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork & Reiki and their affect on us.

My study reveals how consciousness, the subconscious, energy and the physical body interact. This knowledge is empowering it helps us understand our processes and how we function day to day.  If we know how we function, we know how we arrived at this point today. We can then use that information to implement the much needed change to release overcome and heal our presenting issues .

I am here to reassure you, empower you and share knowledge and tools with you that enable you to understand and resolve issues. I have found that the deeper we allow ourselves to go within, the more we are able to let go of and the quicker we recover.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, EMDR BLAST Practitioner, Mindfulness MBSR MBCT Coach, Breathwork and Meditation Coach.

I am a Traditional Reiki Master Teacher Trainer 

I am a member of the Self Realisation Fellowship.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a state of focused awareness which promotes heightened receptivity that can be induced through various techniques, the individual is in a deeply relaxed state and is receptive to beneficial suggestions and ideas, which can help them access their subconscious mind to release and resolve the presenting issues or achieve specific goals.

Hypnosis has been used to help individuals overcome various challenges, such as improving confidence quitting smoking, weight loss, reducing stress & anxiety, pain management, and improving performance in sports or academics and more.

Hypnosis works alongside mainstream medicine, to support and improve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

This service is available Remotely.

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Reiki Treatment



Reiki is now recognised world wide, it is known to replenish and clear your energy system in a way that promotes balance and well-being.


Promoting relaxation, clarity of mind and calm, Reiki helps to relieve pain, balance emotions & accelerate natural healing by increasing the vibrational frequency of the body.


Reiki is used to compliment a journey of recovery alongside mainstream medicine to improve mental emotional and physical well-being.

My clients often say they feel light and centered on leaving.

Create A New You in this
Manifestation Masterclass

Selfology Image_edited.jpg

Create a fantastic New You, New Life 

in this new and exciting Masterclass.  

*Learn why we are like we are.

*Clear blockages

*Raise your vibration

*Set your personal intention

*Align with your higher self

*Live life deliberately

 *Experience the desire of your heart.

*There is everything here that you need to know to

live the life of your dreams 

This Masterclass is available to you

1-1 online with me. 

It runs in 2 parts each for 1.5 hours.

Call me to arrange dates


I use a unique combination of Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation alongside Hypnotherapy and EMDR to help induce deep states of being and access higher levels of consciousness -

The aim is to retrieve the root cause from the subconscious and allow it to process.  Once processed the issue is no longer a traumatic or problematic but a processed memory which has been decensitised.

Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation audios are sent to you to practice between sessions to encourage continuity and maintain awareness and to bring about a speedy resolve.

Contact Us

Always open

The Mind and Body Clinic 16 Bond Street Hinckley LE10 1QU 

Sessions available remotely


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